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Lords & Villeins 2D Artist
Indie of the Year Awards Top 100

Build Your Settlement

Use the toolset to create and decorate the houses for your villagers. Expand your manor, build churches, warehouses and all kinds of buildings your civilization needs to prosper. No settlement is ever the same.

Expand Your Production Chain

The production chain involves over 90 different resources and 20 professions. Every game is different and so are the industries you end up adopting in your economy.

Prepare for the Winter

Collect production and control the economy. Take too much and your villagers may starve. Take too little and you might be in trouble with the king. Are you willing to risk some lives?

Manage Families

The family profession is passed down generations. Get to know them well. Manage your village wisely!

Meet The Team


Chief Executive Officer at Honestly Games



Concept Art

Sketches and Designs

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Before and After

New Look

Before I joined the team and after.


Youtube Gameplay

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