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Logo Design: Yellow Violet Co.

UCLA Start-up

Yellow Violet is a start-up by the young but mighty cinematographer entrepreneur, Jessie Brown.

Providing emerging filmmakers with affordable art rental options for low-budget productions, Jessie is set on  showcasing clearable artwork for use as set dressing while ensuring that artists are receiving fair pay.


The collection is open to filmmakers and illustrators that are a part of or recently graduated college or university.


Her priority is to establish a platform where artists don't find themselves underpaid for their work and film students access artwork on a budget.

Yellow violet 2.png

Stage 1: Client does not have a clear idea of the desired visuals, but provides extensive research and reference. I present her with three pages of brainstorm sketches to allow us to narrow in on her vision and get a clear understanding of brand identity.

Stage 2: Client likes "pencil x film" design and wants us to explore it further. I send her a couple of variations that we can work with.

Stage 3: Client asks for two logos, one for the app and another for use throughout her website. We communicate back and forth and finally refine the design into a successful completion.

Yellow violet 1.png

It was lovely working with this inspiring young entrepreneur and heartwarming to see her resolve to making sure that artists are paid fairly while building a bridge between the worlds of film and art. She was very happy with the result, as was I, and I hope to work with her again in the future.


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