Lords & Villeins
Lead 2D Artist

The Team:


(Pixel art of the three of us)


Michal x, Christian x, musician x and I make up the mighty Honestly Games team. Christian and Michal handle programming and game development, while I am in charge of anything and everything art. I joined the project after it's demo release, so certain visuals were produced by our lead developer. I came on and produced 70% of the assets.

What do you want to achieve with your game?

This was the first conversation me and Michal have. We both agreed that his game was realistic and simple. We wanted to show the beauty of life in it's small, mundane reality, and from the beginning we set out to do that. Heartwarming characters, dynamic visuals, and a feeling of coming home. These were all heavy on our minds when we approached our visuals.

It was amazing to be part of such a small team where my creative input really steered the ship of our design choices. I'm very happy with our partnership and committed to creating experieces that will be heartwarming and make people feel connected to the project through my art.

My work:

Marketing Assets and Logo: