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Collaborative Card Deck

Two illustrated cards for a Lupus In Fabula deck produced in collaboration with 11 other illustrators for a grand total of 22 cards. Due to the circumstances of Covid-19 I was unable to print and photograph the entire deck at high resolution. Please forgive the bad quality of this third image.


Lupus In Fabula is an Italian party game where players are assigned a role by drawing a card. The roles are: Werewolf, Whore, Fortune Teller, Cupid, Mason, and Villager. Each one provides a different scope of abilities and motivations. When night falls, the Werewolves will agree to kill one Villager. When the day rises, upon finding a fresh corpse, the Villagers will discuss amongst themselves and vote to execute a suspected Wolf. If the Villagers manage to discover and execute all of the Wolves then they will win the round. If the Wolves manage to eat up all the Villagers before they are found out then victory is theirs. 


This group of illustrators, myself included, often get together to play Lupus In Fabula on Sundays. I am really pleased with this project and was extremely privileged to work alongside such self-motivated and talented artists.

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