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Illustrator & Character Artist



Hi, I'm Andrea. That's me on the left. I do art because I love it, and I believe that you're a creative person too if you're on this page.


I bring forward your unique creative purpose, ideas, and values to reach your audience. Good artwork by a trained artist is an invaluable tool that will allow you to express yourself with my experience, training and skills, for a product that you are happy with and that gives your project the reach and impact it deserves. If you are looking for my services, email me at so that we find out if we are a good creative match. 

My mission is to connect people

I make your creative values, vision, and ideas connect to your audience. Visuals by a trained artist bring value to your business, providing reach and engagement in a competitive market.

Visuals by a trained artist will give your ideas the reach and impact they deserve in our competitive market. If you are interested in what I can do for you shoot me an email at


Falmouth University

BA (Hons) Illustration


Adobe Photoshop

After Effects



Media Encoder

Adobe XD

TV Paint

Maya (Beginner)

+34 (0) 739 337 0455

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